Synthesizing SWOT Analysis


The analysis is derived from the Greek word “analysis”, which translates into ‘breaking up’ in English. It is older than the times of great philosophers like Aristotle and Plato. The analysis is the process of breaking down a big single entity into multiple fragments. It is a deduction where a bigger concept is broken down … Devamını oku…

Safety vs Security

Safety vs Security

Safety There are two slightly different meanings of safety. For example, home safety may indicate a building’s ability to protect against external harm events. It may indicate that its internal installations are safe for its inhabitants. Safety is the condition of a “steady state” of an organization or place doing what it is supposed to … Devamını oku…

Success vs Failure

When you fail take the failure with you

Success-vs-Failure is a journey rather than a destination.There are three different approaches for Success-vs-Failure: Success-OR-Failure:This approach is fault-tolerant.There is no space-time relation between Success-OR-Failure. Success-AND-Failure:This approach is mistake-proof.There is common-space between Success-AND-Failure. Success-WITH-Failure:This approach is error-free.There are common-space and shared-time between Success-WITH-Failure. It is not that the well is too deep,but rather the rope is … Devamını oku…

Why are There Four Hegelian Judgments?


Hegel is the philosopher of threes. In the Encyclopedia system, there is logic-nature-spirit. Within logic, there is being-essence-notion, within notion, there is subject-object-idea, within subjectivity, there is notion-judgment-syllogism. Yet, as every one notices, when it comes to judgment, the structure is tetrachotomous. Here we find existence- reflection-necessity-notion. Why should there by four judgments when there … Devamını oku…

Haklı veya haksız olmaktan vazgeçip Hak ile olmak

Hak ile olmak

Allah yarattığı her şey için bir zıt, misil ve hilaf yaratmış;Muvafakatı hilafa, münafereti zıdda ve münasebeti misle yerleştirmiştir. İbn Arabi Related posts Masa ve Bardak Yönetim Yöntemi Synthesizing SWOT Analysis Farkın Farklı Farkındalığı Üzerine Fark ve Tekrar